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"Keeping Bees" (07:48)

Producer, Director, Camera, Editor

Thesis project, NYU Documentary Sight and Sound Program, Summer 2014

A glimpse into the life and work of Eastern Long Island beekeeper, Laura Klahre, her passion for pollinators and her commitment to their conservation. 





Wilder Oakes: The Port Clyde Painter (03:03)

 Co-Producer, Camera, Lights

A short profile of Maine Artist Charles Wilder Oakes

Collaboratively produced at Maine Media Workshop, October 2015


The Reverend Dante Randolph (05:40)

 Co-Producer, Co-Director, Camera, Editor

Final project, Duke Center for Documentary Studies workshop, Summer 2015

Artist Profile of Anibal Catalan (04:09)

Camera, Producer, Editor

A short profile of Mexico City based artists, Anibal Catalan.


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